Obmil Networks is a registered company of team of hard working, enterprise young men skilled in Computer Networking such as Network Wireless deployment, Data Centre Services, Cloud Network, and VPN. Internet Solutions & Bandwidth Management with AAA i.e. Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting. We deploy and manage Large Network. We install GSM signal booster, security cameras (C.C.Tv and I.P.) and we lay Fibre Optics cable.

We have deployed Cloud and Wireless Network in Schools, Hospitals and Local Government Areas’ Secretariat to mention a few. We have laid Fibre Optic Cable for Companies and use it severally as alternative solutions for long distance packet transmission.

Our Staff

We have highly technical, hardworking personnel and partners who are very skilled in Network equipment and Vendor like Mikrotik Router deployment and configurations, UBNT, HIKVISION, Fibre slicing etc. We are happy to inform you that we have practical experience and exposure of this work plus our various certifications giving you the assurance that we are always updated with the new and sophisticated equipment and integration.